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Welcome Food Technology

School Of Food Technology

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada
Kakinada,Andhra Pradesh, India


To become a Centre of excellence in Food Technology Education and Research, through the development of highly competent and Dynamic Food Technologist, for serving the society.


1. To inculcate in-depth knowledge of Food Engineering and Technology with an ability to analyze, evaluate, design, discriminate, interpret, create and integrate existing and new knowledge.
2. To analyze technological problems and judge independently to create information for conducting research and think to conceptualize in the area of Food Engineering and Technology.
3. To develop strong research aptitude through research work to enable the students to opt for higher levels of learning in the field of Food Engineering and Technology.
4. To inculcate capabilities of students to analyze a problem, identify, formulate and solve technical problems using basic fundamental principles of food process engineering approach.
5. To acquaint and equip students with professional and intellectual integrity, ethics of research and scholarship and responsibilities to contribute positively in the sustainable development of society.
6. To enable the students to get engaged in lifelong learning independently with the vigor and zeal and become capable to start-up their own businesses.

Six Core values

1. A perfect academic and research environment; a professional culture with no hierarchy in ideas; zero tolerance to politics; an obligation to dissent; Career progression based on professional merit and not tenure or sycophancy.
2. Transparency and respect in our communications
3. Honesty and integrity
4. Quality
5. Decisions based on long term value rather than short term gains
6. An environment of innovation and disruption; awards for risk takers and “out of box” thinking